Exhibition of Art and Life

Exhibition of Art and Life is a reflection of companionship between Iranian daily life and ​art

Exhibition of Art and Life

Living in the ancient land of Iran is as beautiful as it is challenging. The wide variety of climates, diversity of ethnicities, which results in the diversity of traditions, customs, and rituals, water scarcity, vast deserts and high mountains all indicate the presence of pure delight. However, capturing all this variety under the title of "Iran" is a demanding task. The secret to overcoming such difficulties is concentrating on the profound connections that have existed among Iranians for centuries.

Such links are like threads connecting seven thousand years of Iranian history. Because of such connections, all the varieties existing in Iran have created opportunities, privilege, honor, and more friendship among Iranians.

One of these profound links is the belief in perfection and beauty. Regardless of their ethnicity, Iranians have spared no effort in achieving perfection and recreating ultimate beauty. The long history of monotheism in Iran is the most definite proof of this perfectionism. Even when designing household objects, Iranians intended to transcend mere utility and tried to capture the ultimate heavenly forms of objects in their creation. Iranians viewed this endeavor as an expression of gratitude to God and a tribute to humanity, which is intended to be the audience and the user of any object. This conviction is so profound that it is embedded like a hologram in every Iranian work of art.

Household objects were transformed into works of art, and such works were in a constant process of exchange with humanity. Humans form works of art and such works direct life with the perfection and beauty they have acquired from inspired humans.

Anyone with a comb decorated with Arabesque and Khitan patterns can no longer neglect beauty and decoration.

The Iranian house is therefore not a typical home but a gallery intended to tell us who we are, where we are, and what we are doing.

The Iranian gallery of life is full of works, each of which is a gateway to history, geography, beliefs, desires, and even communications with other nations, ethnicities, and religions, as well as stories gradually emerging throughout history.

This permanent exhibition of art and life provides a brief pause to rethink lifestyle in this colorful land and pay attention to the links that exist between the people of this time with the past and the future.


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