Research and Education


Malek National Library and Museum Institution, due to the especial attention of Haj Hossein Agha Malek to spreading the culture of research and learning in the field of Islamic-Iranian culture and art, and in order to recognition of the cultural heritage of Iran, has provided a ground for scholars to do research in different contexts of culture and art, primarily focused on the artworks of Malek treasure.

Accordingly, activities of research section ranges from “research projects”, “scientific- research cooperation” and “supporting the academic research and dissertations”.


The approach of Malek institution in the education section is also aligned with the recognition of Iranian-Islamic culture and art, and is to creating a center for holding professional courses on Iranian traditional arts, particularly arts related to manuscripts. With this aim, efforts have been made to hold different courses on Iranian arts which are in danger of being forgotten. Along with these courses, professional workshops and seminars on the mentioned filed are regularly held. With having a great vision for holding the workshops, seminars, conferences and teaching courses, a wider and brighter future could be viewed.